In a bustling warehouse, worker safety should always be a top priority. Summit Handling Systems offers a diverse range of ergonomic products and racking accessories to create a secure working environment and meet OSHA safety standards. Enhance productivity and safety in your business by partnering with us. Our high-quality solutions optimize operations and minimize risks, fostering a productive and safe work environment. Trust Summit Handling Systems to deliver the tools and expertise needed to build a stronger, safer future for your business. Together, let’s transform your warehouse into a space where efficiency and safety thrive. Can’t find a warehouse accessories that you need? Summit carries an extensive list of warehouse accessories to fill any requirement, reach out to Summit and we can help you find the right warehouse accessory that you need.

Racking Repair Kit

When your rack has sustained damage from an accident, or from normal wear and tear, a racking repair kit can help you repair that damage to prevent racking collapse or worker injury. Designed to repair and reinforce a damaged front vertical frame post and damaged rear post. Proprietary beam reattachment hardware allows for easy beam adjustment for either roll form or structural beams using original end connectors. It does not require cutting off beam end plates which reduce beam capacity and can compromise seismic structural integrity.

  1. Single Leg Elite Vertical
  2. Double Leg Elite Vertical
  3. Single Leg Elite Cantilever
  4. Double Leg Elite Cantilever
  5. Single Leg Elite Slant
  6. Double Leg Elite Slant
  7. Advantage NPD
  8. Advantage IR
  9. Advantage PD
  10. Frontline
  11. Intermediate
  12. Bulldog Repair

Positioner & Loader

The PalletPal 360 Pallet Positioner is designed to eliminate the need for workers to bend or stretch while handling pallets. With its innovative spring mechanism, it automatically adjusts the height of the pallet load, keeping it within a comfortable and safe range. The PalletPal allows for your workers to have 360 degree access to loads, eliminating the need to move around the pallet and giving them to access any part of the pallet without having to bend down, perfect for picking operations where you need to manually build a pallet or manually remove products from a pallet. PalletPals are great in industries such as food, beverage, retail, e-commerce, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals.

  • Self-Leveling action — no operator adjustments required
  • Rugged tubular steel frame for loads up to 4,500 lbs.
  • Heavy-duty springs calibrated to bring pallet to most convenient height.
  • Proven linkage design maintains level under uneven loading.
  • Dampener provides smooth, gradual raising and lowering, without overshoot or bounce.
  • Low-friction bearing supported turntable for near-side loading and unloading.
  • Phenolic frame cover (optional).
  • Fork pockets for relocation by fork truck also extend base for free standing stability.
  • Leveling feet (optional) allow use on sloping or uneven floors.
  • Free standing, can be easily relocated by fork truck.
  1. 360 Spring Pallet
  2. 360 Airbag Level Loader
  3. Powered Pallet Levelers
  4. Roll-On Level Loader
  5. Roll-On Leveler with Turntable
  6. Roll-In
  7. Pallet Rotator/Inverter
  8. Pallet Turntable Disc
  9. Pallet Turntable Ring

Lift Tables

Lift tables are essential ergonomic tools that enable workers to position heavy loads at their optimal height, reducing the risk of back strains and injuries. These tables can be adjusted to various heights, allowing workers to work comfortably and safely.

Lift Tables are in use throughout the world for machine feeding, work positioning, assembly, order picking, pallet loading, and a wide range of other applications. Different power options, controls, tabletops, and base configurations can be specified for each of the many basic sizes, giving the user an almost unlimited choice of variations. Lift tables are great in any business and can be especially useful in food, beverageretaile-commerce, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals.

  • Variable lift capacities to fit your needs.
  • Variable lifting height and surface sizes.
  • Optional Platforms Including Conveyor Tops, Ball Transfers, and Turntables Available
  • Custom Finishes Including Two-Part Epoxy, Corrosion Resistant Coatings and Stainless Steel Available
  • Standard Units Available for Quick Shipment
  • Low pressure hydraulics
  • Fast raising and lowering
  • Fully adjustable down speed
  • Heavy-duty torque tubes to minimize deflection
  • Lubricated for life pins, rollers and bushings
  • Full width straight through axles for increased stability throughout the travel range
  • Heavy-duty wire braided hoses for maximum burst strength
  • Tell-tale return hydraulic line prevents fluid spillage
  • Built-in maintenance chocks
  • Bolt-on power unit – neat, clean, easily accessible
  1. Backsaver Hydraulic Lift Tables
  2. LS Series Hydraulic Lift Tables
  3. Backsaver Lite Lift Tables
  4. Backsaver Lite – Portable Lift Tables
  5. Compact Lift Tables – Small Lift Tables
  6. Turntables & Turntable Lifts
  7. Floor Height Lift Tables / Floor Level Lift Tables
  8. LiftMat Low Profile Lift Tables
  9. Lift and Tilt Tables / Tilting Lift Tables
  10. Pneumatic Lift Tables
  11. Heavy Duty Hydraulic Lift Tables
  12. Spacesaver LSH Series High Rise Lift Tables
  13. LSD Dual Lift Tables and Wide Base Dual Lift Tables
  14. LST Series Tandem Lift Tables
  15. L Series CAM Lift Tables
  16. SAM – Small Article Monitor – Portable Lift Table
  17. Portable DC Powered Mortuary Lift

Mobile Lift Tables / Leveler

The Dandy Lift Line of manual foot pump lift tables/lift carts sets the standard for quality and longevity in portable lift tables for over 30 years. With several models to choose from there’s a Dandy Lift Portable Lift Table for every application. In addition to foot-pump-operated portable hydraulic lift tables, the Dandy Lift lift table line also includes; Powered Dandy Lifts (battery-powered lift tables) with high-speed linear actuators, Dandy Leveler self-leveling portable lifts that automatically adjust the platform height as items are added or removed, Dandy Portable Skid Lifters with forks or solid platforms, and the PalletPal Portable Leveler as a mobile pallet lift or positioner. Mobile Lift Tables are great for food preparation, retail, e-commerce, agriculturalmanufacturing, and chemical applications.

  • Low pressure hydraulics
  • Fast raising and lowering
  • Fully adjustable down speed
  • Heavy-duty torque tubes to minimize deflection
  • Lubricated for life pins, rollers and bushings
  • Full width straight through axles for increased stability throughout the travel range
  • Heavy-duty wire braided hoses for maximum burst strength
  • Tell-tale return hydraulic line prevents fluid spillage
  • Built-in maintenance chocks
  • Bolt-on power unit is neat, clean and allows for easy access to all components
  1. Backsaver Lite – Portable Lift Tables
  2. Manual Dandy Lift – Portable Lift Tables – Mobile Lift Tables
  3. Powered Dandy Lift – Portable Lift Tables
  4. Dandy Levelers – Self-Leveling Portable Lift Tables
  5. PalletPal Mobile Leveler / Portable Lift
  6. PalletPal Lift Truck / Skid Lifter / High Lift Pallet Jack
  7. Portable DC Powered Mortuary Lift

Wire Mesh Deck Screen

Wire mesh deck screens are essential safety features, which when placed strategically on rack systems, prevent loose items from falling onto employees below, reducing the risk of head injuries and other accidents.

Each deck is reinforced with formed galvanized steel channels that are welded to the wire mesh. Wire decking is strong, safe, and easy to install. Testing has shown our decks to outlast and outperform painted and powder-coated decks, not to mention the outstanding reflective quality of the galvanized finish. This Wire Mesh Deck is designed and manufactured to meet your requirements. Wire mesh are found in all industries and are especially useful for picking operations.

  • Increase Safety From Falling Items
  • Improves Rack Appearance
  • Promotes a Cleaner Environment
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Metallically Bonded Coating
  • A non-peel zinc coating
  • Easily Installed


Turn tables are ideal for warehouses that handle large or bulky items. These rotating platforms allow workers to access all sides of an object without straining or twisting their bodies. Turntables work by repositioning the load rather than the worker which saves time, reduces fatigue, and eliminates potential trip hazards caused by walking around the load. By minimizing repetitive movements, turn tables contribute to a safer working environment. 

  • Powered or Non-Powered Turntables for a Variety of Applications
  • Turntables can be Mounted on Most Lifts
  • Heavy-Duty Turntables Made from 1/2″ Steel Plate
  • Can be Mounted Directly on the Floor, On a Fixed Height Platform, or a Lift Table
  1. Conventional / Manual Turntables
  2. Powered Industrial Turntables
  3. PalletPal Disc – Floor Height Pallet Turntable Disc
  4. PalletPal Pallet Turntable Ring

Container Tilter

Accessing parts in containers is one of the most significant productivity thieves in any manufacturing or assembly operation. Container tilters improve productivity and safety by positioning baskets so that parts are easily accessible without bending, stretching, or reaching. Summit offers a variety of models and configurations of container tilters to fit any application.

  • Portable Container Tilters – Allow workers to pick up containers and move them into position.
  • Roll-On Container Tilters – Hand pallet truck accessible container tilters.
  • Pan Style Container Tilters – Hand pallet truck accessible container tilters.
  • Lift & Tilt Tables – For precise positioning with independent control of height and angle.
  • Fixed Height Tilters – Ideal for use with oversized containers.
  • Stackbox Lifters – Mast style lifts for use with stacked totes or bins.

Post Protectors

Post protectors act as a barrier between workers and storage rack uprights. They absorb impact and distribute the force, minimizing damage to both the workers and the equipment. Post protectors can be added on after damage to the lower portion of the upright rack frames by lift truck abuse to help prevent more damage that could compromise the rack’s structural integrity. However, we always recommend getting your racks repaired first and then adding on a post protector to ensure the safety of your workers and products.

  • Variable Styles, with Different Widths, Lengths, and Heights to Fit Your Warehouse Facility.
  • Easy Installation
  • High Visibility Colors
  • Can be Attached to the Post or Installed Around the Post
  • Heavy Duty Steel or Hard Plastic

Bull Nose Protector

Bull nose protectors are installed on the ends of rack aisles to protect against accidental impacts from forklifts or other machinery. By cushioning the collision, they minimize the risk of injuries and damage to equipment or inventory. They are especially helpful on busy warehouse lanes where a forklift collision can be catastrophic for both the rack and your employee’s safety.

  • Protects the End-of-Aisle Rack Column from Collision
  • Shaped to Deflect the Impact to Better Absord The Impact Energy
  • Independently Anchored from the Post to Reduce Damage to Rack Column
  • Help Reduce Damage and Abuse in High Traffic Areas
  • High Visibility Colors
  • Comes in a Variety of Styles to Fit Your Warehouse

Wire Mesh Fence & Cages

Both a safety and security measure, Wire Mesh Fence and Cages are used to partition off parts of your warehouse or facility to secure dangerous operations, hazardous materials, or valuable products. They can be made to your specific dimensions and requirements and can include a variety of locks, doors, lights, alarms, and other useful features.

  • Increase Security in Your Facility
  • Increase Safety by Partitioning of Unsafe Locations and Materials
  • Provides A Full View Through The Fence or Cage
  • Can be Customized to Fit Your Facility
  • Can Include Extra Safety Measures Such as Doors, Locks, Alarms, and Other Features

Row End Protectors

Row End Protectors serve as a visual and physical barrier to protect the end of pallet rack rows from potential collisions. By clearly marking the boundaries and preventing forklifts from accidentally entering the area, they contribute to overall warehouse safety.

  • Helps Protect End of Aisle Rack From Damage and Collision
  • Independently Anchored
  • Variety of Styles and Types to Fit Your Warehouse
  • Heavy Duty Steel
  • High Visibility Colors