The turnaround in the food industry is unmatched. Product comes in, and goes out at a high rate. Realizing the challenge behind food handling operations, we work with you and your teams to ensure that its storage process can be achieved in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Refrigerated Warehousing

We partner with the leaders in the Refrigerated Warehousing industry to make sure that your frozen foods stay frozen throughout the storage process.

Warehousing and 3PL

The Warehousing & 3PL industry typically deals with high SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) counts requiring systematic storage systems that afford the ability to easily store, organize and pick product in the most efficient manner. The experienced team at Summit will make sure your pallet rack solutions specifically address your needs of the day-to-day processes associated with operations.


We understand that in the beverage world, logistics are centered around developing an effective order fulfillment system for items of varying SKU’s (Stock Keeping Units). Summit will make sure that all unique storage solutions meet the needs of our customers while optimizing the operations of their facilities.


The retail industry features many different products to be moved, and not a lot of time to do so. Summit provides Storage Solutions that increase both selectivity and pick faces, allowing users to get product out the door to stores more quickly.


Handling an immense amount of products, wholesalers need to be able to count on their racking system to be sturdy and efficient. Handling an immense number of products, wholesalers need to be able to count on their racking system to be sturdy and efficient. These storage systems can handle great weight capacities while providing great throughput and flexibility.  Even if damaged, Summit racks can hold 80%-90% of their load capacities until which time they are fixed.


Over the past 20 years, the E-Commerce industry has become a staple of the economy. Consumers’ expectations for speedy deliveries have put an emphasis on picking optimization.

Innovative Pallet Racking Solutions for E-Commerce are designed to increase pick locations, storage utilization and picking productivity – all by up to 30%! These are all proven ways to fulfill orders more quickly within Last-Mile E-Commerce Facilities.


The automobile and transportation industry needs to have reliability and innovation to remain competitive. In turn, they expect the same for their storage needs. Summit will help translate these needs into a reality by helping your team lead the pack with new products and manufacturing capabilities.


In the agricultural industry, time is of the essence. Perishable foods call for an advanced system to keep the product moving. Summit will work hand-in-hand your team to provide storage solutions that increase the speed of picking.


Storing large construction-grade products in limited space calls for Summit expertise in high-density storage solutions. The combination of superior rack strength and unmatched engineering affords you the ability to support the highest load capacities while maximizing density.

Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry encompasses all facets of the production life-cycle. From raw materials to finished products, the storage systems in these facilities are critical to the efficiency of the supply chain process. Through space optimization and SKU (Stock Keeping Units) consolidation, Summit has the know-how to achieve your company’s sought after goals.


The pharmaceutical industry is one of the fastest expanding markets. To facilitate their growth, companies require state-of-the-art warehousing capabilities to get ahead of the curve. Summit can help your facility obtain optimum performance by increasing your pick speed and maximizing your facility’s density.


When storage reliability is a must, businesses in the chemical industry turn to Summit for their racking needs. Dealing with fragile products calls for the higher level of engineering prowess that Summit can deliver.


Proudly working hand-in-hand with government entities throughout greater New York, Connecticut, and Western Massachusetts, Summit is committed to delivering sturdy solutions in a timely fashion.  With unique needs from outdoor storage to design builds, our competitive pricing and forward-thinking staff provide every client with a product they can trust.


Not limited to any industry, Summit can work in an array of sectors including the healthcare sector, as well as the ever-demanding oil and gas industry. No matter what industry your business falls under, Summit has the solution for you.